What is provided?

In your registration we will provide a white race shirt, packet of paint, sunglasses, bandana and other gifts and info. It is optional to wear your race shirt the day of the race. If you don’t you are encouraged to wear white!

What should I bring?

Bring an extra change of clothes and a towel to lay in your car seat. We also encourage you to bring a sealable bag to protect your phone in the event you want to take pictures.

Will the color ruin clothes or shoes?

The color does mostly wash out after the event. Washing sooner is better than later. We encourage wearing gear you don’t mind getting colorful.

Any tips for clean-up?

Dust off as much of the powder as possible before using water. Wash your race clothing separately with cold water. Consider using baking soda and Dawn dish soap if you are unable to remove the color from your hair.

Do I have to run?

Plenty of our participants will be walking. We do encourage anyone who wishes to walk to walk the 5K and not the 15K.

What if I don’t want to get a lot of paint on me?

We cannot guarantee you will be spotless. However, we have some tips to avoid getting doused. When coming up on 1 of our 4 color stations simply run wide to the opposite side of the street to communicate that you don’t want to be covered. Also, be aware prior to the race of large groups pouring paint on themselves.